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Kenneth Udut Understands You.


Y-RIGHTS : rights of kids/teens
WHERE: Internet
BY WHOM: Kenneth Udut
Y? Rights can be viewed from multiple angles. All views are important.  Equally so? I don’t know. What do I know? It’s important to keep various and sundry viewpoints in discussion with each other. I tend towards individualism.  Some tend towards societal.  Some for freedom. Some for protection-from.

No one is an island and yet autonomy matters.

You are connected. By KENNETH UDUT

You are connected. By KENNETH UDUT

You are connected to every point in time and space and to every member of the human race.

You were there at the beginning and you will be there at the end.

You are Connected to every idea anybody ever had about anything or ever will.

You’re connected to every animal that ever lived to every insect, plant and bacteria.

You are the subject of every book.

Every school has always taught about you and always will.

Before children can talk, you are connected to them

Before they’re born, you are connected to them.

You’re connected to everything we know and to everything we don’t know.

You are connected to every photon, every electron, every quark.

To Every Light and every darkness you are connected.

You are connected to those who are loved and to those who are hated And to those who just don’t care.

You are connected to every religion, every science, every politics, every controversy, every war and every peace.

You are connected to every object in the universe.

You are connected to all energy and magnetism.

You are connected to every wall and floor and every ceiling and every door, And to all the spaces in between.

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